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Worker and Worried - Sweet Dragon Dreams

Nov. 9th, 2006 12:00 am Worker and Worried

Night of November 9, 2006

I was sitting in a cubicle type setting with another girl. We talked as we opened our paychecks and found that the girl wanted to leave/escape the place. I somehow felt this was bad and shook my head as I looked at my paycheck. I felt mine was good so I wanted to stay. I told her that she could be killed if she left. She didn't care. She ended up leaving without my knowledge one day and the boss came in asking me about it. I could tell her was furious, but I told him I didn't know anything about it. The boss sent me to find her. I found myself crawling through metal vents and ducts trying to remember where she might have gone. I then came out at a place that I had never seen before. I roamed until I found a train station. I opened the doors into the little box type setting. The main area was a u-shaped area that held chairs (about 9, backs to the walls) to sit in and they faced the darker area where te train would arrive. I told her what she did was horrible and that she should talk to the boss. She shook her head at me sadly, and I knew that I was stuck. The boss came bursting in and demanded that he talk to her. They went through some doors at the back of the train box and I sat and feared for her. I was worried that he might kill her like he has done with some of the others who went away. They walked out and he told me that she was to be on the next train and gone out of his sight. She had one minute. He then left. She turned to me and told me that before she left for good, that she wanted to go shopping. I shook my head and told her that she had better wait and get on that train. She told me not to worry.

We ended up with several others looking through some glass doors looking at a line wondering what it was for. We finally found out that it was for people to get their pictures taken like they were Star Wars action figures. That sounded like something that we wanted to do, but the line was too long and we were in our street clothes and not our costumes.

Suddenly we were being put into action shots in our costumes. Someone beside me was in a blue kimono type thing with a blue and white parasol. I was getting irritated a little bit because she kept putting the parasol in front of me, blocking me from the camera. I was in black pants, black shiny knee high boots, black low cut tank top (sometimes my midriff was showing/other times not), black bracers that shone a bit that were over black fingerless gloves.

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