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Sweet Dragon Dreams

Apr. 27th, 2007 12:00 am Anime Con and Anime Chars

Night of April 27, 2007

I was at an anime convention with some friends. We were running around in costume then we suddenly got separated. I was wandering around looking at the tables I passed and the items that were laid on them. I soon sighed and knew I had to go back to the hotel room now if I wanted to change costumes (Battle Royale) and still a few hours left of the con. I wondered where Spring and Nom went to but hurried to hte room anyway. I then spotted Nom behind an atisits table and I asked her why she was there. She told me she was volunteering and that she would see me later. I noticed she had already changed into her Battle Royale costume. I remember seeing her earlier in her San costume. I hurried on to the room.


I was Tenten and was sitting in front of a window. I looked own below and saw Gaara and someone else (maybe Sasuke?) and they were standing in a field. Others were standing and sitting near me, watching as well. The two below started to fight and an announcer came on and called the shots. I felt the pain as the other guy hit Gaara. Then things exploded and I suddenly was pushed against the glass as other crowded around me as we looked on and tried to see through the sand and grass. I then saw Gaara's face before mine. I winked at him and smiled as I held up my left hand in a "L" shape - with index finger and thumb outstretched. He nodded and smiled back before he left. People then got to muttering about what happened. Gaara had defeated his opponent. I was happy.

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Apr. 26th, 2007 12:00 am Frantic

Night of April 26, 2007

I was sitting outside with some other people. I looked across the street and told the others that I really wanted to go to the anime con. Others had asked why not, it was just across the street. I shruggeed my shoulders.


I was hooked up to a machine as some others were. Some were walking around others who were not hooked up were able to go up and down the stairs. Something happened and all of a sudden I found people piling on top of me. I was getting scared and frantic trying to dig my way out of these people. I could feel my heart race and I was having a hard time breathing. Soon some guy came and pulled the people off and helped me up. He told the others to go away and then turned to me and told me to calm down and try to relaz. I couldn't, I felt a band squeeze around my heart. I placed my hand on my chest as the guy spoke to me, urging me to calm down.

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Apr. 19th, 2007 12:00 am Trashy Scared People

Night of April 19, 2007

I was walking around inside some building, that served as a house. There was a massive amount of blankets and other trash scattered on the floor. There was one guy sitting/leaning on a pile of two blankets with his feet resting on the wood floor. I looked at him and there was a guy's voice behind me. He told the other that he better watch it or the bugs will get him. I looked by his feet and saw a white worm crawling towrad his feet. The other guy looked near his feet and shrugged his shoulders. I watched as the white worm attached itself to his feet and as the guy screamed, I turned my back on him.

I then found myself walking into another trashy house. Different bugs were crawling around the wood floor. I told a girl in the house to watch out for white worms and she told me she already knew. One worm squirmed its way up between the wood panels and I pointed to it and said there was one. I grabbed a nearby chair and stood on it as I watched it. The worm blew itself up some and started to crawl near me, but the girl smashed her heal into it to kill it. It seemed to work, but it came back alive and she tried again to kill it. This time she only managed to kick it up in the air. I got down from the chair to make sure it wouldn't land on me. It landed on the floor and the girl managed to smash it into the floor, thus killing it. She said those worms are pretty nasty.

I was walking down a street with people screaming all around me. Trash was everywhere, people were running around, strange sounds echoed around me. I kept my pace and calmly walked down the street.

Something was coming. Everyone knew we had to get going away from where we were. I started packing my bag with things that I thought I might want/need. I was with some friends as I checked my ansering machine. It was my Mom telling me where I could meet her and Dad if I was able to get them - a Wal*Mart on Raytown Road - that is if the flood hadn't cut us off yet. I then started to pack my DS into a bag and knew that Spring might want one. So I was trying to pack her DS in a bag. The bags were being difficult with me as there were two bags in one and I couldn't figure it out. Someone told me that I should hurry up. I just shrugged my shoulders.

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Dec. 20th, 2006 12:00 am Skin Condition and Scared

Night of 12-20-06

I had some sort of skin condition; the skin on my face was peeling off and falling off. I didn't want others near me or touching me as I might have been contagious. I found myself in a house. I stuck close to the walls when I heard a door creak open; I saw Spring walk in. I then was trying to keep out of sight of Spring and Eric - for he soon showed up as well. I didn't want them to know I was in the house. I hide in a closet for a while and when I thought they weren't looking, I made a break for it. I finally found my way out without them knowing.


This guy was after me. I'm not sure why he was, but he wanted to catch me. I was scared, extremly frightened. I saw a building and ran into it for safety. SOmehow I knew he couldn't follow me inside. I grabbed phone and called 911 and told them about what was wrong. They told me that they would have people over right away. I was shaking with fear as guys came and soon sat around me. We talked about what happened and the next actions that we should take. They finally agreed amongst themselves and two guys stayed with me while the others left. We got up and walked into another room. They tried to figure out why he was after me. We sat down and opened a book and saw a bunch of anime characters. They looked at the pictures and told me I was dressed wrong - I was the wrong character. I looked at the with questioning eyes and they pointed to a anime girl that was wearing a dress and told me I was supposed to be that one. I argued saying I was nothing like that character. They shook their heads and left me in that room. They told me that I had to figure it out. I found myself walking out of the building, the guy was waiting for me in the snow. The two guys watched from inside as I nervously walked up to him. My hair blew around me as I slowly closed the distance between us and hugged him. The two guys nodded their heads and left.

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Nov. 9th, 2006 12:00 am Worker and Worried

Night of November 9, 2006

I was sitting in a cubicle type setting with another girl. We talked as we opened our paychecks and found that the girl wanted to leave/escape the place. I somehow felt this was bad and shook my head as I looked at my paycheck. I felt mine was good so I wanted to stay. I told her that she could be killed if she left. She didn't care. She ended up leaving without my knowledge one day and the boss came in asking me about it. I could tell her was furious, but I told him I didn't know anything about it. The boss sent me to find her. I found myself crawling through metal vents and ducts trying to remember where she might have gone. I then came out at a place that I had never seen before. I roamed until I found a train station. I opened the doors into the little box type setting. The main area was a u-shaped area that held chairs (about 9, backs to the walls) to sit in and they faced the darker area where te train would arrive. I told her what she did was horrible and that she should talk to the boss. She shook her head at me sadly, and I knew that I was stuck. The boss came bursting in and demanded that he talk to her. They went through some doors at the back of the train box and I sat and feared for her. I was worried that he might kill her like he has done with some of the others who went away. They walked out and he told me that she was to be on the next train and gone out of his sight. She had one minute. He then left. She turned to me and told me that before she left for good, that she wanted to go shopping. I shook my head and told her that she had better wait and get on that train. She told me not to worry.

We ended up with several others looking through some glass doors looking at a line wondering what it was for. We finally found out that it was for people to get their pictures taken like they were Star Wars action figures. That sounded like something that we wanted to do, but the line was too long and we were in our street clothes and not our costumes.

Suddenly we were being put into action shots in our costumes. Someone beside me was in a blue kimono type thing with a blue and white parasol. I was getting irritated a little bit because she kept putting the parasol in front of me, blocking me from the camera. I was in black pants, black shiny knee high boots, black low cut tank top (sometimes my midriff was showing/other times not), black bracers that shone a bit that were over black fingerless gloves.

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Nov. 8th, 2006 12:00 am Storm and Marriage

Night of November 8, 2006

Something was coming, some huge storm. I looked out the north window and saw the dark clouds that had formed and were on the move towards me. I felt the alarm as it was growing by the second. I could feel the anxiety everyone was experiencing. It was suffocating me.


Two guys were getting married, one was extremely rich while the other was not. I ended up going to the richer guys floor for a big party. His room/house/floor opened up to a main room. From the main room and down some steps was a red carpeted room that had a big window view. There was also a beige bathroom that had a spiral shower stall. I walked to the window and looked out and didn't see anything but greyness. Others showed up and they started to mingle. There was talk about the two guys relationship and how they felt they shouldn't get together. I shrugged off the talk and walked around. The two guys then started to have a little spat when I was walking up the steps into the main room. The poorer guy was getting visibly upset while the other one looked down upon the other one. I frowned at the scene.

I then found myself talking with the poorer guy. He was upset that they might not be getting married after all. I was trying to comfort him.

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Oct. 25th, 2006 12:00 am Being Inga

Night of October 25, 2006

I was Inga but I had white short hair cropped to my head and I was human skinned.

I was walking through some buildings and watching out for something. I saw a crowd and was wary and wasn't quite sure if I wanted to go through it or not. I changed directions and found myself on a dock type thing. I was with an important man and he told me people were after him. I shook my head and told him not to worry. I made hime sidestep a bullet that was shot at him and put him on this boat thing. The people in the boat told me to sit in the front at the waters edge. I looked at the front and the water and shook my head and ended up sitting in the back. I knew they wanted to kill me. I then told everybody to quickly duck as fired shots were raining down on us. I had saved everyone and I knew that would piss the other side off.

I got the main guy to safety and I ended up in an empty building. I explored around and came out and walked around the outside and found that some guys were still working on buildings. That they had finished the one I came out of.

I started walking down the street, looking at their work.

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Jul. 14th, 2006 12:00 am Gory Mess

Night of July 14, 2006

I was going up some tall mountain. I finally got up the mountain and met up with two others, a boy and a girl, in a town. There was a row of buildings next to a dirt road, it reminded me of a runway, but not so big. The people in town glared at us as we roamed around. We decided we need to get away, so we found some sleds. A mediuim sized dog had found us and wouldn't leave us alone. We went to the edge of town and got on a sled, with the dog on his own, and went away.

I then found myself going through a stockyard. I saw various farm animals, seemed like they were being sold. I then turned and hopped up on a fence gate and looked down at the longhorns, they stared back. I then jumped down and found myself in an empty area, I then got an urge to run. I felt I needed to find or flee from someone.

I then was in a dark room, with what appeared to be a soft spotlight in the middle of the room. My eyes suddenly looked into the eyes of a freckled girl, tied around the waist to a chiar. She looked scared, petrified. A guy came up from the darkness with what looked like a paint scraper/putty knife. He looked at me then back at the little girl. He held the knife up and said something, then suddenly shoved the knife under her skin above her right eye cutting under her skin and into muscle. My stomach clenched; a blood curtling scream came from the girl. A smile creeps over the guys face. I am powerless to do anything, but to watch. He keeps ripping the skin off her face and starts to pry it from her face. He then stopped and grabbed her left hand. He said something to me again, and then plunged the knife under her skin at the base of her middle finger. The guy slowly peeled the skin away from her finger, leaving a bloody mess. He turned to look at me again and then his attention went back to the face of the girl. The girl screamed bloody murder as he cut/worked more skin away from her face. I was frozen/held in place as my heart pounded. He peeled the skin away from the forehead, the skin was now halfway off her face hanging on by threads. My lungs stopped working.


I looked in a mirror at my forehead. Above my right eye, my skin was red.

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Apr. 26th, 2006 12:00 am Slave and Tornadoes

Night of April 26, 2006

There was something about needing to hide from someone because they were out to get me. There was an image of an empty parking garage and shadows.

I then found myself a slave to some guy. He kept me chained and weak. I crawled around on the floor, mostly naked.


I kept meeting Spring in a parking lot. It was our meeting place before we went places. One night I went to the parking lot and waited. Spring never showed up then I remembered that we were going to meet at the house we were going to because it was equal distance between us. I went back home.

I was then in my dining room with my family. The wind suddenly picked up and I looked behind the shade outside. I saw a tornado that had touched down. I excitedly yelled there's a tornado. I ran over to the living room while my family all stood up. I stopped in front of the buffet table, dropped to my knees, and covered my head. My Dad was walking down the hallway. Then suddenly I stood up and wasn't so afraid. I went back to the window and looked back out. The tornado went by without veering off toward our house. I then ran to my room to grab my cameras and ran back to take pictures.

Spring then showed up, I found her wandering in a closet. She wondered where I was and I wondered if she saw the tornadoes.

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Feb. 19th, 2006 12:00 am Costumes

Night of February 19, 2006

I was in a hotel room with two other girls and we were getting our costumes on. Spring had gotten her costume on and was reading something as an asian girl walked out from the bathroom and around the bed. I really liked her costume and asked what she made the armor of as she was dress as Mimiru from .hack//sign. She told me a keg, that she used a keg to make the armor. I couldn't believe her and walked over to her and felt the hip armor and it felt like plastic. I then said that she was right, a plastic keg.

We were then walking down a hallway - Spring was in the middle. All three of us were comparing costumes. The asian girl was dressed as Mimiru, Spring was Hinata (Naruto)/Minstral (.hack//sign), and I was Tenten (Naruto)/BT (.hack//sign). I complained that my costume would be better if I had started to work on it several months before, but I knew it was my fault. I then spotted a shop that was open and I walked inside.

I looked at a wall of stickers and found a sheet that was all of Hinata. I picked it up and looked out in the hall and spotted Spring with Eric. I waved them over and showed Spring the stickers. I was expecting a big rush of excitement, but she smiled and nodded her head. Eric looked bored.

I then found myself in a big area with a concrete floor. People were working and there were forklifts everywhere. I stood on a pallet and looked around. I knew that I wasn't supposed to be there. I started to walk near a big garage type door. It was sunset outside.

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